An Illicit Affair (in Glasgow)

You live in Glasgow.
Your name is Jim.
You're married happily to Agnes, your loyal wife of 30years.

It's Wednesday night.

You go out every Wednesday night.
Agnes thinks you go tae the footie wi' your cronies.
After all, you're always oan about it.

But really you go tae meet Mary.
You've been having a relationship wi' her longer
than you've known you're wife.

You meet, a quick kiss.
Then the passion begins.... .

You dance.
You dance the real stuff here, an ear tae the music,
wi' verve, attentive, a bit gallus
but nane o' yer phonie put oan nonsense.
You can say so much here
without a word being spoken
You can put yer heart right intae this dance.
you have tae, ye canny help but do so.
Mary's the best Tango dancer you've ever met.

You love your wife to bits, and never been unfaithful
and she's understanding of ' most things too.

No' dancing the Tango but, wi' some other woman!

(adapted from a non fortified bottle of wine)