Tango Links

Glasgow groups can be found on the ‘groups page’ of this site.

Tango Around Scotland


Tango Aberdeen Go to website

Ani Tchakmakdjian Tango Go to website

Aberdeen University Dance Society Go to Facebook page

Annan, Dumfries & Galloway

Solway Argentine Tango Society Go to website


Dundee Tango Society Go to Facebook page

Dunfermlin & Dalmeny

Willie and Louise Green Go to Facebook page


Edinburgh Tango Society Go to website

Edinburgh University Tango Society Go to website

Oria Tango Go to website

Queer Tango Edinburgh Go to website


Glasgow Tango Collective Go to website

Glasgow Tango Studio Go to website


Tangoness Go to website

Argentine Tango in the Highlands Go to website

Linlithgo & Bo'ness

Learn Social Tango Go to website

St. Andrews

Staartango Go to website


Latin Dance Connection Go to website

Yiraje Tango Go to website

Stirling University Tango Society Go to Facebook page





Argentine Tango in Glasgow, Scotland


Some Tango blogs in English

Melina's Two Cents https://melinas-two-cent.blogspot.com

Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog http://ireneandmanyung.blogspot.com

MSHedgehog http://mshedgehog.blogspot.com


Some resources

Tango In Scotland. Calendar based website for all tango events through Scotland visit the site..

Tango maps. Tango dancers worldwide come together in one map visit the site..