Tango in Glasgow


Tango in Scotland and beyond....

Paisley International Tango Festival, Aug 25th- 27th 2017
www.edinburghtango.org.uk The Edinburgh Tango Society organize a pretty full programme.
www.yirajetango.co.uk Tango classes in Stirling and Bridge of Allan.
www.latindanceconnection.co.uk Tango classes in Stirling.
www.scotlandtango.co.uk/ A list of Tango groups and events around Scotland.
For events organised by the Edinburgh University Tango Society.
www.tangoness.co.uk A new tango club in Inverness.
www.tango.org.uk Websites from around the country.
www.newcastletango.org.uk For listings of events in the North East of England
Go Tango Worldwide has an extensive number of links to tango sites throughout the world.
www.TodoTango.com A great site with a wealth of info on tango music.  There's lyrics (search by category - the bad life, bar and drinks, the turf etc.!), sheet music, artists' discographies and biographies and daily tracks to listen too as well as history and general news.

Music, cd's, dvd's etc...

www.milonga.co. uk
A very good place to start off or expand your Tango music collection
TangoTunes is an Austrian-Argentine project which purchases selected collections of vinyl and shellac records from collectors in Argentina and digitalizes them
ToTANGO.net A very interseting tango site with lots of tango music and dance info. Especially intriguing is the owner's audio restoration of over 2000 tango recordings from the 1920's to 1950's. Well worth a look and a listen, see what you think yourselves!
Danza y Movimiento are a German based online music store who have a large tango selection. Audio samples are also available here but at a price.
Oriente are a German based world music recording label with a large tango section in their online shop. On their own label they have some very interesting old European recordings from Russia, France, Italy, Turkey etc.

Tango Blogs etc.
Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires by Rick McGarry - an online book about one manís experience in Buenos Aires. With music and videos
Tango Bitch
Random rants from a social dancer
Tango High and Low
Slightly more formal musings...

Online Radio Stations playing Tango

Batanga has a 24hr tango station which seems to open with both windows media and real player.
Radio Tango is on the Radio Cubik network and seems to open in Real Player.

Some other odds and sods....

Read the Herald's article in  Tango from around 2003
Tango in Berlin from the BBC

Click on the picture for a National Geographic article on tango, complete with video and audio features.
..a snapshot fiction of a tango in Glasgow.